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Combating the virus of doubt in health and in the economy

Press | Opinion Articles | 25-03-2020

In an opinion article in Público, MEP Graça Carvalho wrote about the need of a coordinated response to the Covid-19 outbreak at a European level. The MEP wrote about health and economy being the most important sectors to face this crisis, and that investment in health is also an investment in the economy. Ms Carvalho said that the measures presented by the European Commission to allow more budgetary flexibility to the member states was a good action, but it will be for naught if the money is n...

Covid-19: PSD proposes to the European Commission the acquisition of test kits and massification of the screenings

Work in Parliament | Questions to the Commission and the Council | 20-03-2020

PSD MEPs in the European Parliament questioned today the European Commission about the possibility of launching a specific tender for the purchase of test kits for screening Covid-19, which ensures the necessary supply flows to Member States. This question to the Commission follows the recommendation of the World Health Organization, which urges States to adopt mass screening policies, giving as an example the actions taken by the Chinese and South Korean authorities and pointing to the data...

Request for assistance through the European Civil Protection Mechanism to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

Work in Parliament | Questions to the Commission and the Council | 17-03-2020

PSD MEPs in the European Parliament questioned today the European Commission about the EU's willingness to take over the acquisition and reinforcement of medical equipment and resources, to help Member States in combating the pandemic caused by Covid-19. The Portuguese MEPs advocate in their priority question for written answer the use of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism (CPM) assistance, activated upon official request by Member States, to help save human lives and respond to one of the...

Important information on mechanical ventilators for COVID-19 emergency - Project Open Air

Work in Parliament | Other Activities | 16-03-2020

Maria da Graça Carvalho sent a message to Commissioner Thierry Breton, in charge of the Internal Market, asking the EU not just to taking measures to contain or slow down the progress of COVID-19, but to go further and remove unnecessary bureaucratic barriers to faster production and development of medical equipment that can save lives. In her message, Graça Carvalho introduces as an example the collaborative and voluntary Project “OpenAir”, working on medical devices, such as open sourc...

The Impact of Covid-19

Press | News | 15-03-2020

In an interview with RTP for the National Decision program, MEP Graça Carvalho spoke about the crisis caused by Covid 19 and the urgency to support Science, namely with regard to the development of vaccines and other therapies, as well as supporting measures through which limit economic and social consequences, avoiding as much as possible dismissals and bankruptcies. Graça Carvalho told RTP that additionally to economic forecasts, at a time when growth has been revised downwards in almost a...

MEPs comment on the plans of the Commission to combat coronavirus

Press | News | 10-03-2020

A couple of MEPs commented on the need of action to face Covid-19, Antena1 reports. MEP Maria Graça Carvalho stated that the plans presented by the European Commission for the mitigation of the virus have been “negligible”. MEP Sara Cerdas stated that the European Union needs better coordination between sectors in order to be more prepared for similar situations in the future.

Coronavirus outbreak, state of play and ensuring a coordinated European response to the health, economic and social impact

Work in Parliament | Speeches in Plenary Sessions | 10-03-2020

Maria da Graça Carvalho participated today in a plenary debate in the European Parliament on the coronavirus outbreak, the state of play and assurance of a coordinated European response to the health, economic and social impact. During her speech, the MEP mentioned, “the European Union must be much more than an economic and political Union. It must be a Union that protects its citizens and their well-being” In this respect, Graça Carvalho stated that the fight against COVID-19 requires “grea...

Covid-19. European leaders in conference call to coordinate response to the outbreak

Press | News | 09-03-2020

European Council President Michel announced that the European Union leaders will participate in a conference call to coordinate the member states’ response to the Covid-19 outbreak, Expresso Online reports. Mr Michel posted on Twitter that “we must cooperate to protect the health of our citizens.” The EU Council General Secretariat decreed prevention measures to the European Parliament, Commission, and European Council. The European Council’s meetings will be reduced, and the delegat...

European Parliament plenary session moved to Brussels

Press | News | 07-03-2020

In an interview with TVI24, MEP Graça Carvalho talked about the European Parliament’s decision to move the plenary session from Strasbourg to Brussels and about the medical services recommendations to the EU institutions’ workers. MEP Carvalho told TVI24 that the decision aims at safeguarding the MEPs, workers, and population’s health. Moreover, all non-essential meetings were cancelled. MEP Carvalho also said that the European Parliament’s response is adequate to the level of risk. The Por...

Coronavirus: PSD questions European Commission about delay and scarcity of funds to investigate vaccines and therapies

Work in Parliament | Questions to the Commission and the Council | 06-03-2020

Members of the PSD Delegation in the European Parliament questioned today European Commission about scarcity and delay in the funds allocated to vaccine and therapy research against COVID-19. The priority question for written answer recalls that even though the European Union has the largest Science and Innovation program in the world, Horizon 2020, and has established an important partnership with the pharmaceutical sector (Innovative Medicines Initiative), it was only at this stage that it...

Fighting coronavirus in health and in the society.


We are facing the greatest challenge of our generation. In the European Union, cooperation and solidarity between member states will be essential for us to win the battle against the covid-19 in health and act quickly and effectively in all other fronts of the society. As MEP, I have been fighting since the beginning of this crisis for measures that allow us to face the present and prepare for the future. Defending the bet on science, with the goal of developing therapies and a vaccine. Asking...

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