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Consumer Rights

Consumers at the center of political decisions.

The common market is one of the foundations of the project that brought us to the present European Union. However, its potential is still far from being achieved, especially with regard to the “empowerment” of consumers in the different member states. National governments often fail - by action and inaction - in transposing, particularly in matters of fiscal policies, directives and other Community regulations aimed at harmonizing the prices of products and services. The enormous power of influence of the European bloc with companies is also underused in several fields. Without decisive action in this area, which would improve the quality of life for citizens, European "cohesion" will never be truly achieved. At the IMCO Commission - Internal Market and Consumer Protection - I have been fighting for measures that truly make a difference, whether these are combating a toll collection system in southern Portugal, which is contrary to one of the pillars of European construction: cross-border mobility; the adoption of a single charger for mobile phones and other mobile devices; or the completion of the single market and the digital single market.

Reunião Comissão IMCO

11 October 2021

Anúncio em plenário da autorização para iniciar negociações sobre a Metrologia

13 September 2021
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