Imprensa Early Achievements of the Joint Technology Initiatives' EUR10 Billion R&D Programme Highlighted at the European Parliament (MarketWatch)

Notícias | 11-10-2011

Europe's five Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) highlighted at the European Parliament the first achievements of their EUR10 billion research and innovation programmes. The first results emerging from JTI-funded projects highlight the success of this novel and unique model of public-private partnership (PPP) and its capability to boost innovation in key sectors for European competitiveness, job creation, and quality of life.

The five JTIs --ARTEMIS (embedded computing systems), Clean Sky (aeronautics and air transport), ENIAC JU (nano-electronics), FCH JU (fuel cells and hydrogen) and IMI (innovative medicines) -- are presenting their impressive achievements at a dedicated event in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Between them, the JTIs have a total budget of EUR10 billion, around a third of which comes from the European Commission, with the rest leveraged from industry, research and the EU Member States. The JTIs are investing these funds in ambitious research and training projects that bring together experts from academia, small and medium-sized enterprises, industry, and other groups. As such, they cover the full innovation chain.

The projects highlighted during the exhibition and thematic sessions are already generating tangible results that will improve Europeans' quality of life through cleaner and quieter air and ground transport, improved energy security and efficiency, better and safer medical treatment, enabled by improved cross-cutting computing technology and advanced nano-electronics.

'The results and forecast gains presented here could never have been achieved by any one organisation on its own, nor by collaborative projects involving a handful of partners. Only by pooling the expertise and know-how of industrial and academic partners, and public and private sector talent in game-changing collaborations across entire sectors can advances of this order of magnitude be achieved. The Joint Technology Initiatives are reshaping the environment for R&D in Europe, in the spirit of the Europe 2020 strategy,' - a statement released jointly by the Executive Directors of the five organisations (Eric Schutz -- ARTEMIS, Eric Dautriat -- Clean Sky, Andreas Wild -- ENIAC JU, Bert De Colvenaer -- FCH JU, and Michel Goldman -- IMI).

Maria da Graca Carvalho, MEP and host of the Joint Exhibition, stated: "Innovation is crucial for growth and creation of jobs in Europe. JTI's are powerful instruments to bring knowledge into the market in Key Technologies".

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