Imprensa Compromise on European Electricity Market Design - Press

Notícias | 11-07-2023

ECO-SAPO: "The negotiations resulted in ' a balanced diploma that makes important commitments, such as the reinforced intention to guarantee that 15% of each country's electricity networks will be destined for export to other Member States and the emphasis placed on measures to improve the protection and empowerment of private and professional consumers', says EPP MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho, quoted in the statement."

Article available in .

MLex: In the article "EU power producers crisis revenue cap looks unlikely after lawmakers deal drops the idea," Maria Graça Carvalho, "the negotiator for the center-right European's People Party, was quick to claim a role in the decision." She also pointed to MLex "that under the deal, long-term financial agreements known as contracts for difference, or CFDs, will not be obligatory, but that equivalent schemes would also be allowed."
Interview conducted by Stefano Porciello in

Additionally, MEP Carvalho highlighted the political agreement of the European Parliament in Agence Europe and Politico.

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