Causas A Binding Future for the RES Target? - A 2030 Package Discussion

Energia e Clima | 05-11-2013

Today in the European Parliament, Maria da Graça Carvalho delivered an introduction speech in the EUFORES parliamentary debate that discussed a 3 binding targets option within the 2030 Framework, with a strong focus on the RES binding target. The meeting started with several speeches from actors in different sectors - European Parliament, European Commission, association and industry representatives - which were followed by a panel debate on the topic.

The focus point of this event were the 3 binding targets discussion within the European Commission Green Paper on the 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy - particularly the RES binding target. As decision deadlines are closing in on both the European Commission paper and the European Parliament own initiative report on the topic, the discussion of these issues was very timely.

This event was organised in the framework of the Keep-on-track! project.

Agenda of the event:


  • Jan Geiss, Secretary General, EUFORES

Introduction Speech

  • Maria da Graça Carvalho, EUFORES extended Board Member, What is the current RES track and where is the EU heading?
  • Josche Muth, Secretary General, European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) "Why we need a binding renewables target for 2030"
  • Erna-Maria Trixl, Member of the Board, Stadtwerke München, Coalition of Progressive European Energy Companies

Panel Discussion

  • Moderator: Dafydd ab Iago, Journalist, Argus Media
  • Britta Thomsen, MEP, EUFORES Extended Board Member
  • Konrad Szymanski, MEP, ITRE
  • Marie Donnelly, European Commission
  • Josche Muth, Secretary General, EREC
  • Jakob Askou Bøss, Vice-President, DONG Energy, Coalition of Progressive European Energy Companies



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