Causas 16th Energy Cities' Annual Rendezvous

Energia e Clima | 11-05-2012

Energy Cities organized with the City of Guimarães its 17th Annual Rendezvous in Guimarães, on 9-11 May 2012.

This city being ''European Capital of Culture'', the event focused on ''energy and culture''. The philosophy of the event was to link the ''energy sphere'' with ''societal issues'', technics being not considered as main obstacles. The event was entitled "MIND-BOGGLING IDEAS FOR A NEW ENERGY CULTURE".

In addition to local authority decision makers, a series of European stakeholders took part in order to create synergies between our respective policies and activities.

Maria da Graça Carvalho participated as a panellist in the session entitled "The paper of the Energy in the Horizon 2020".

Also attended this session:

  • - Gerard Magnin, Energy Cities
  • - Adam Szolyak, DG ENER, European Commission
  • - Paul Voss, Head of Public and Industrial Affairs, Danfoss District Energy
  • - Andoni Hidalgo, EURIMA
  • - Maria Emilia Neto de Souza, Lady Mayor, City of Almada
  • - Filipe Vasconcelos, General Director, ADENE
  • - Joaquim Borges Gouviea, President RNAE

This conference tried to find answers to the following questions: Which are the cultural roots that determine how and why energy is used and managed in a particular way? What can we learn from other countries, regions, cities? And the two-day event will prove that by re-organising a neighbourhood, city and region we are able to meet economic, social, environmental challenges simultaneously.

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