Public Interventions EIT ICT Labs: Bringing ICT Innovations to Life

Speeches | 10-10-2012

In the frame of the 4th European Innovation Summit, a lunch debate on the role of EIT was hosted by Maria da Graça Carvalho, Co-Chair of the Friends of the EIT group of the European Parliament and K4I Forum of the European Parliament Governing Board Member.The 4th European Innovation Summit took place on 9 and 10 October in the European Parliament (see programme here). The title of the debate was EIT ICT Labs: Bringing ICT Innovations to Life.

During her intervention, Maria da Graça Carvalho stressed the relevance of the EIT and stood up some questions about the future of the EIT, namely the areas in which it is expected to expand; the synergy between the EIT and the H2020 and the "inevitably thorny question" of the budget. Ms Carvalho said she is confident that the different governments and not least those with a reputation for academic excellence, will make an effort to attribute an at least adequate budget for  H2020".

At the meeting were presented: Ioannis Tsoukalas, EU - MEP, Shadow rapporteur for the regulation establishing the EIT;  Lambert van Nistelrooij , EU - MEP, EPP Group Rapporteur on the common provisions on European funds; Alexander von Gabain, EIT, Chairman of EIT governing board;  Willem Jonker, EIT ICT Labs, EIT ICT Labs partner CEO; Michel Cosnard, INRIA, EIT ICT Labs partner;  Magnus Madfors, Ericsson, EIT ICT Labs partner;  Eddy Roelants, Siemens, EIT ICT Labs partner;  Martin Curley, Intel, EIT ICT Labs partner;  Leo Baumann, Nokia, EIT ICT Labs partner;  Elmar Dorner, SAP, EIT ICT Labs partner;  Jan van den Biesen, Philips, EIT ICT Labs partner;  Fabrice Comptour, EU - DG EAC, Member of cabinet;  Roland Strauss, K4I MD, Knowledge4Innovation managing director;  Laure Le Bars, SAP, EIT ICT Labs partner - Office of the CEO.

Mr. von Gabain, Chairman of the EIT governing board, presented the EIT with its objectives, achievements and future. Mr von Gabain also mentioned that ICT is key for all existing and future KICs, so acting as a link between them, EIT ICT Labs is of a particularly im-portance among the KICs.

Mr. Jonker, EIT ICT Labs partner CEO, presented the EIT ICT Labs, entitled "EIT ICT Labs: bringing ICT innovations to life". 

The key messages of the meeting were: 

  • Establishment of EIT ICT Labs has been a costly and more than two years intensive effort and the evolution of EIT ICT Labs is a continuous intense effort.
  • EIT ICT Labs is a unique instrument highly valued by its (industry) partners.
  • The unique characteristics of EIT ICT Labs are focus on excellence, agility, critical mass and lon-gevity; these characteristic are essential for its success and should be further strengthened in the fu-ture.
  • EIT and EIT ICT Labs are about structural changes in the European Innovation landscape; this re-quires critical mass and longevity.
  • Complexity around EIT should further be reduced by recognizing KICs as trusted partnerships.
  • EIT and EIT ICT Labs should focus on excellence and at the same time develop ways to bring the benefits to Europe as a whole for example via collaboration with structural funds.
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