Work in Parliament Priority question for written answer P-003544/2021 about EU’s position on Cuban repression

Questions to the Commission and the Council | 13-07-2021

Priority question for written answer P-003544/2021 to the Vice-President of the Commission / High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Dolors Montserrat (PPE), Antonio López-Istúriz White (PPE), Leopoldo López Gil (PPE), Esteban González Pons (PPE), José Manuel García-Margallo y Marfil (PPE), Juan Ignacio Zoido Álvarez (PPE), Gabriel Mato (PPE), Francisco José Millán Mon (PPE), Pablo Arias Echeverría (PPE), Rosa Estaràs Ferragut (PPE), Isabel Benjumea Benjumea (PPE), Pilar del Castillo Vera (PPE), Javier Zarzalejos (PPE), Antonio Tajani (PPE), Isabella Adinolfi (PPE), Andrea Caroppo (PPE), Salvatore De Meo (PPE), Aldo Patriciello (PPE), Massimiliano Salini (PPE), Lucia Vuolo (NI), Fulvio Martusciello (PPE), Herbert Dorfmann (PPE), Luisa Regimenti (PPE), Silvio Berlusconi (PPE), Maria da Graça Carvalho (PPE)

Subject: EU’s position on Cuban repression

On 11 July 2021 shouts of ‘Freedom!’ resounded during the biggest demonstration by Cubans against the communist regime for decades, provoked by the very serious economic, health and social situation.

Hours later, President Díaz‑Canel gave a speech in which he ordered battle stations to be taken up and called on revolutionaries and the regime’s supporters to take to the streets.

Later the streets were occupied by special forces and police officers in uniform to try to contain the demonstrators, leading to hundreds of people being injured, police searches, arrests at demonstrators’ homes and police violence.

1. How will the EEAS and the EU Delegation in Havana ensure Cuban citizens who took peacefully to the streets in protest against the lack of freedom, the social crisis and repression know that the EU stands in solidarity with them?

2. Will the High Representative ask the Council for sanctions against those parties inciting violent clashes between the Cuban population in order to silence the peaceful demonstrations?

3. Does he believe that President Díaz‑Canel’s order to take up battle stations complies with the provisions in the EU-Cuba Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement on guaranteeing and protecting human rights?

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