Causes A Post Carbon Europe "Towards a third Industrial Revolution"

Energy and Climate | 01-02-2011

Maria da Graça Carvalho supported Mr. Rifkin´s idea of a Third Industrial Revolution, in a press conference held in the European Parliament. Jeremy Rifkin explained his idea of an sustainable energy strategy for the EU as a part of a third Industrial Revolution.

Two days before the European Council that will focus on Energy, Jeremy Rifkin appealed to the European governments "to join" a third industrial revolution. This was because "We have the science and technology to do it, but it will mean nothing unless there is a change in will." "The third Industrial Revolution is an economic game plan."

Ms. Carvalho was one of the co-authors, with Mr. Rifkin, of the paper Leading the Way to the Third Industrial Revolution, published in the European Energy Review in December 2008. This article includes many of the ideas that will be presented today and in particular the notion that a Post carbon Europe will stand on five pillars: Renewable Energy, Buildings as Positive Power Plants, Hydrogen Storage, Smart Grids and Plug-in Vehicles.

For Ms. Carvalho, "this initiative comes at the right moment just before the European Council. I hope that the European Council on the 4th of February constitutes the turning point in building an innovative sustainable Europe". The MEP adds "We need an ambitious and concrete plan in the area of innovation and energy". 

MEPs Maria da Graça Carvalho (ITRE, PPE), Jo Leinen (S&D, DE - Chair of the Committee ENVY), Claude Turmes (ITRE - Vice Chair Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance) and Fiona Hall (ITRE - ALDE) and Marisa Matias (GUE/NGL) supported Mr Rifkin's document and signed a declaration calling upon the European Commission "to submit to the Parliament a comprehensive legislative plan for the implementation of a Third Industrial Revolution Infrastructure in the Member States".  

The document appealed to the Members of the European Commission to "submit legislative initiatives to integrate and harmonize their own policies, programmes and initiatives within the larger, overarching agenda of transitioning into a post-carbon Third Industrial Revolution economy".  

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