The EIT - What is its future? (Science and Business)


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The European Institute of innovation and Technology opened in 2008 - an experiment in helping Europe bridge the gaps among the worlds of research, industry and education. With an initial pilot-phase budget of €309 million, a Governing Board was formed, a headquarters established in Budapest, and the first three big projects begun: Knowledge and Innovation Communities - joining companies, academic researchers and educators - to develop and bring to market new innovations in alternative energy, climate change and ICT. And it began promoting training and support for entrepreneurship in European academia.

Will it get a big budget? Create more KICs? Will EIT expand its role in entrepreneurship, education and other fields? This event will address these questions with some of the key players - at the EIT, the Commission and the Parliament.

Speakers include:

Maria Da Graça Carvalho - Member of the European Parliament
Ronald de Bruin - Acting Director, European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)
Xavier Prats Monné - Deputy Director General for Education and Culture, DG Education and Culture, European Commission
Lucia Recalde Langarica - Head of Unit - European Institute of Technology, DG Education and Culture, European Commission 
John Vassallo - Vice-President of EU Affairs, Microsoft 
Alexander Von Gabain - Chairman-elect, EIT and Chief Scientific Officer, Intercell AG