Policy Options for Improving Energy Efficiency and User Behaviour in Public Buildings

2011-05-26 - Informação à Imprensa

Today, at the European Parliament, Maria da Graça Carvalho, hosted a breakfast meeting about the SAVE ENERGY Project. In the meeting participated MEPs from the ITRE Commission interested in Energy Efficiency and the Advisory Board of the CIP-ICT-PSP project SAVE ENERGY. 

The objective of this breakfast meeting was to present the results of the SAVE ENERGY project, with a focus on how policy in the area can be impacted based on these results. The representatives of the project received contributions from the MEP to incorporate a Policy Recommendations document which will be delivered to the European Commission at the end of the project. The meeting agenda also included the introduction to a draft White Paper on policy options that is being developed by the SAVE ENERGY project. 

During the meeting, Maria da Graça Carvalho made the opening remarks; Mr. Mira Amaral, former Portuguese Minister of Industry, made an intervention about Energy Efficiency Considerations. Mr Oliveira, SAVE ENERGY Project Coordinator, spoke about the SAVE ENERGY Project and its Motivations. The meeting concluded with the comments from European Parliament Representatives.

SAVE ENERGY (CIP-ICT-PSP-238882) is an European Project that addresses the  challenge of behaviour transformation through the use of ICT (serious game and real time information) as an enabler of energy efficiency in five Public building in five European cities - Helsinki, Leiden, Lisbon, Luleå and Manchester. The project started in March 2009 and will end in August 2011.