Maria da Graça Carvalho hosts debate on manufacturing

2011-02-10 - Informação à Imprensa

Today, in the European Parliament, Maria da Graça Carvalho, Member of the Industry Research and Energy Committee (ITRE) chaired the debate "Assuring the future of a competitive and sustainable manufacturing in Europe" (see intervention here).

"Prof. Heinrich Flegel, Director of Research and Advanced Engineering at Daimler and Chairman of the ETP MANUFUTURE was the invited speaker and made an intervention about The Importance of Manufacturing Industry for Europe (see here).

The purpose of the debate was the exchanging of ideas about the future of manufacturing industry in Europe; The need for research and innovation in this sector and the role of the European Technology Platform, Manufuture, in attaining the goals.

MEP´s from ITRE Jean Pierre Audy, Lambert Von Nistelrooij, Pilar del Castillo Vera, Christian Ehler and Romana Jordan Cijelz participated in the debate (complete list of participants here).

Manufacturing is the dominant sector of the European economy. Since each job in manufacturing is linked to two additional jobs in high quality services. Furthermore, it also exerts a strong technology pull on research and innovation - so the EU depends strongly on the dynamism of its manufacturing industry. Putting knowledge and innovation at the heart of European growth is therefore a must.


  • 8.00- 08.10 Introduction remarks by MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho
  • 8.10-8.20 Presentation of Prof. Heinrich Flegel - The mission of the European Technology Platform Manufuture
  • 8.20 -8.55 Round table discussion with participants
  • 8.55-9.00 Conclusions

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