Joint Technology Initiatives - Innovation in Action

2011-10-03 - Informação à Imprensa

From 4-6 October 2011, Maria da Graça Carvalho MEP will host the exhibition 'Joint Technology Initiatives: Innovation in Action' which will take place in the Altiero Spinelli building (ASP), ground floor, 'Couloir cheval'.

Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) represent a new instrument within the EU's 7th Framework Programme for Research to support large-scale multi-national research activities. Each JTI is implemented by its respective Joint Undertaking, a legally-established Community Body set up on the basis of Article 187 TFEU (formerly Article 171 of the EC Treaty).

From 4-6 October 2011, the 5 JTIs - ARTEMIS (Embedded computing systems), Clean Sky (Aeronautics and air transport), ENIAC JU (Nano-electronics), FCH JU (Fuel cells and hydrogen) and IMI (Innovative medicines) will illustrate their achievements and activities, update on key developments at EU and national level and show the benefits of these European tools for EU decision-makers, EU officials and stakeholders. The event is the occasion to provide an official and institutional communication with specific focus on activities and project results funded by the European Union.


Official opening: 4 October 2011, 18.30 hrs, ASP, ground floor, 'Couloir cheval'
Press conference: 6 October 2011, 15.00-16.00 hrs, Anna Politkovskaya Room PHS 0A050

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