"Horizon 2020 deems industrial leadership as an important priority" (EPP Press)


Maria da Graça Carvalho MEP, Member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy of the European Parliament and EPP Group Rapporteur for the Specific Programme implementing Horizon 2020, participated today in a public Hearing on Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research & Innovation.

Opening panel 3 on Industrial Leadership and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Maria da Graça Carvalho MEP said: "In particular, industrial participation in EU research programmes has shown a tendency to fall away over recent years. This is coupled with a tendency to see the results of European research being used in manufacturing processes that are situated in third countries. This is the case even if the products of this manufacturing process are destined for consumption in Europe."

Ms Carvalho continued: "The Framework Programme Horizon 2020 is the engine for growth and employment that Europe needs. Horizon 2020 will contribute to ensuring industry leadership in the sphere of innovation, with a budget of €17.9 billion."

Horizon 2020 is the main EU financial instrument that will implement innovation in Member States and guarantee Europe's competitiveness on the global stage. With increased funding for research and innovation of €80 billion, Horizon 2020 will run from 2014 to 2020 and will support our excellent science base, build industrial leadership in Europe, and create a better society.

In order to create strong industrial leadership in the EU, Maria da Graça Carvalho MEP said: "Various objectives need to be achieved: the participation of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises must be strengthened; private investment in the areas of research and innovation must be stimulated; and innovation increasing market update should be supported. We will boost job creation with this."

The Portuguese MEP concluded: "It is imperative that we achieve adequate funding and a clearly defined sense of the different stages of the innovation chain. It is also crucial that we furnish ourselves with instruments that are adapted to the task at hand. If we do this, we will foster a much fuller participation of small, medium and large enterprises in Horizon 2020, something that is crucial for our competitiveness and well-being."